Yes, we are based in Pakistan. And yes, we are proud of it ;-)

Our clients often wonder why we are based in Karachi, Pakistan. And the answer is simple: because the business climate is excellent! Karachi is populated with well educated and brilliant software engineers, UI experts, and design guys and girls. And because the labour is much cheaper than in the West we can offer you high quality mobile apps for affordable rates.

Surel, being based in Karachi has a down side as well. The security situation is different from what you face in the west. Facilities such as electricity are not as reliable as in your country. But we found our ways to deal with that, don’t worry about us!

I, the Dutch founder of Grappetite, decided to move to Karachi with my family, to focus on running Grappetite and enabling us here to deliver excellent mobile apps to you. And we love it here! 😊

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