We’re shortlisted for a Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Grappetite Nominated for the 8th Annual National CSR Awards

Grappetite Gets listed in the Pool of Responsible Companies in Pakistan For its Social Enterprise ‘Royal Bakeries’

CSR Association of Pakistan is the largest and one of the oldest national business-led coalitions dedicated to support and encourage corporate responsibility in Pakistan. Each year in an effort to recognize and promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, the organization invites companies from all over Pakistan to share their experience and story of how they are playing their role in becoming more responsible in their business activities.

This year, Grappetite is one of the few companies shortlisted for the esteemed awards primarily on the basis of their social initiative ‘Royal Bakeries’. The bakery is an enterprise that empowers transgenders and she-males in Pakistan by providing them a chance of dignified employment. The goal behind Royal Bakeries is to help transgenders find acceptance as equal human beings and citizens in Pakistani society. Once employed, they don’t have to resort to beggary or prostitution and they also become less vulnerable to sexual, emotional, physical, and mental harassment.

Today, Royal Bakeries is an established wholesale enterprise that produces a wide range of Dutch baking goods, such as Caramel Cookies (Stroopwafels), Dutch Apple Pie, and Dutch Pepper / Fruit Cake that are sold in over 40 supermarkets, restaurants, and shops throughout Pakistan. A number of transgenders are currently employed with the bakery where they are trained in the production and packaging of baked goods with a clean, hygienic, and environment-friendly approach.

 The awards distribution ceremony will be held on the 31st of January 2015 in Karachi.

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