UI designer / front-end developer, Android app developer vacancies

We are very happy as a team, but we feel that we are missing the warmth, company and support of a talented UI designer/front-end developer and a driven Android app developer.

The UI designer/front-end developer we are looking for is a person who can sketch and design user interfaces of apps and websites, but who is not necessarily an all-around designer. And who can create the views for the apps we make and create HTML/CSS/jQuery for our websites, but is not necessarily a full swing developer.

You will work with our designers who are very much focused on styles and illustrations and with our developers who deal with the core technology and help to bring out the best of these two worlds.

As an Android developer, you will be… obviously… developing Android apps. We are looking for someone with at least one year of experience as a full-time Android developer or with at least 3 years of experience on any other development platform.

At Grappetite we are building a successful company and you can be part of it. We have a friendly but professional environment, focusing on the products we are making. We try to make things just a bit better and nicer than our clients or users would expect.

Apply now by sending your CV to Amjad and please tell us why you would like to work at Grappetite (just sending your CV is NOT what we expect).

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