Sukena joined us as a content writer

"Working at Grappetite is unlike any other experience that I have had in my life. All of you are amazingly helpful, friendly, and supportive that I don't feel like a newbie here at all. So much here is so amazing and unlike any corporate organization in Pakistan." says Sukena in her first few days of working at Grappetite.

The music playing in the background, the 7-minute workouts every day, the morning brainstorming sessions where everyone shares their plan for the day, the yummy lunch served every day plus the free snacks basket which I loooooove to munch on, the foosball tournaments, the colorful office with the graffitied walls and yes NO WORK ON WEEKENDS .. the list goes on and on. Can’t thank Allah enough for making me a part of this journey. I hope I can give something back to the company for all that it has given me in just 4 days. Alhamdolillah. And thank you all so much for making me feel welcome here U all ROCK!!

Sukena Rizvi, an Engineer by profession and a writer at heart. Loves to do all things creative and fun. Can’t stop reading even while she is having dinner. Hidden talent? Set a record of watching all 10 seasons of friends in one week. Worked as a Marketing Executive for 2.5 years before joining Grappetite to take it to the next level.

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