Sign Language Android app for Facebook community ‘Het Gebaar van de Dag’

​Each day, Emily an 11-year-old records a video to teach sign language to the classmates of her sister who has Down Syndrome. Once she and her family decided to start a Facebook community and publish the videos there too, it immediately became a hit and they got thousands of likes in no time. We made an Android app for them that through a one-click publishing solution, fetches their videos from Facebook and presents them in a Sign Language app for Android.

We developed a single-click publishing solution so that Emily only has to upload the video once. Soon after the video appears on Facebook, the video and metadata are copied into the Android app. Through a Content Management System Emily can categorize the videos so that it is easy for the users to find the video of their choice as well as related videos.

The app was installed a few thousand times in the first days after the launch and is rated 4+ stars (60 reviews) in the Android store at the moment.

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