Open Day at Grappetite

Saturday, 6th of December was a day packed with fun, laughter and lots of happy memories for Team Grappetite! Loved ones, friends and family members were invited to our office and see how we work, where we work and with whom we spend most of our day. Arrangements started a week earlier, and personalized, beribboned invites were sent to every team member’s family to make them feel all the more special.

Everyone got together and worked as a team to help get the place ready for the Open day - the whole office was tidied up and decorated with balloons, extra chairs were brought up, and eats and treat were arranged to make the party a truly memorable affair!

The Grappetite Family Together

Early morning on the day of the event, Gertjan and some others came in and set up the place with treats all laid out to welcome the guests. Families started coming in at 11, and the hubbub started to build as the kids started arriving! Once the introductions between the team and their families were done, the session officially kicked off with a slideshow that consisted of our pictures and some snapshots of the various projects we have done so far. As more kids and families turned up, it started getting busier and soon the children were challenging each other to a game of Foosball and UNO! The atmosphere was really homey, and family members assisted us in serving snacks and making tea as well. Faraz kindly agreed to be our photographer for the event as no party is ever complete without a few snapshots and poses for the camera!

 Gertjan then gave an introduction to all the family members who were present about our colleagues and the kind of work we do. And yes, there were a few jokes in between which had everyone laughing. Then Andy gave a speech on who we are as a company - What kind of clients we choose to work with, our beliefs and ideology, and the general work culture and ethics we take pride in. While he spoke in English, Arif translated in Urdu and added that we always want to honor God in the work we do and that helps us focus on the path we take in our professional life and as a company.

But the fun didn’t just end there! Right after that, there was a quiz competition exclusively for the family members where they had to guess the names of Grappetite employees after a series of clues were given by Gertjan. The ones who were listening carefully and of course over time remembered things about different employees from their loved ones were able to answer correctly and won gifts. It was quite funny and interesting to see how many people had this sort of mental picture of the people their loved ones work with and were able to fill in the blanks. After the quiz, everyone stayed to take some pictures and have some tea and snacks. With so many families from different backgrounds and cultures, it was a beautiful sight to see how when an event or place or culture is just love, care, and respect for one another. All kinds of people can sit together and just have a great time and enjoy each other’s company.

All in all, it was a great event and a fun afternoon where the entire Grappetite family came together and enjoyed every single moment. Its events like these make working at Grappetite a treat on its own!

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