Andy Larkin

Andy Larkin

21 November 2014
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Lunching and Munching for a Good Cause

Team Grappetite recently had a fun lunch + get together at a local bakery that empowers transgenders, giving them an equal chance of earning money with a dignified job

Team Grappetite is always up for anything new and challenging, and there is especially more anticipation on the block if a treat is involved! A Tuesday every month is reserved for lunch outdoors. This time around the team visited a local bakery owned by Grappetite to sample their scrumptious desserts alongside something savory whipped up expertly by their talented chefs.

But this bakery is no ordinary enterprise - it is actually a very special and unique social initiative to spread joys and smiles along with something sweet! Owned and operated by the founder of Grappetite Gertjan Van Laar, the one-of-a-kind enterprise with a supply chain spanning multiple cities in Pakistan seeks to provide empowerment to transgenders. The end goal is making them self-sufficient with a respectable job that they can take pride in.

Specializing in international desserts that you won’t find in any ordinary store, the staff and chefs of the bakery are transgenders in need of financial support and self-empowerment. Providing them a chance of employment in a non-judgemental and supportive environment, the bakery seeks to establish their status in society as equal citizens without any discrimination. The main objective of the organization is to create sustainable job opportunities for transgenders and crossdressers and educating them and their families so they don’t have to give in to the social evils of beggary, extortion, or prostitution and can lead a normal life just like everyone else around them.

The premises has a homely and inviting feel to it, and the team had a great time not only feasting away at the delectable lunch but also having a heartening conversation with the staff, all of whom were positively thrilled and really excited to have us there! Piping hot Biryani was followed by a delectable serving of apple pie and cake, baked to perfection by the talented chefs. And let me tell you, it was all finger-licking delicious. Almost everyone went for second helpings!

 The hygienic work conditions in the bakery were another big highlight - all of the staff wore head caps and worked on gleaming counters with clean utensils and equipment. The overall experience was a nice little change from the usual work routine for Grappetitians, and the team returned more energetic than ever-smiling from ear to ear!

It is about time people in our society learn to get past the concept of ridiculing transgenders, accepting them as an equal and important part of our community. Team Grappetite is all for providing them with their full support and encouragement in every way - are you game?!

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