Introducing new faces

In the past months, our team has been expanded with a number of creative people and we are happy to introduce them to you.

Right to left:

Shazia Iqbal is one of our most competitive UNO players. Besides that, she is a talented iOS software developer. She has been working at a couple of other software houses before she joined Grappetite. 

Imran Ali Dina is the patriarch of our team and is in charge of all our design activities. Before he joined Grappetite he worked for many years as a lecturer in one of Karachi’s finest design academies and he still loves to do this in his spare time.

Salman Saleem is in reality much friendlier than his first appearance might suggest and we are glad he joined us as an Android and Web(services) developer. When he is not coding or sleeping you will find him playing iOS games. 

Adeel Sohail is the freshest apple in our basket. He knows about design, coding, copywriting, SEO, and online marketing. And if he doesn’t know something he will definitely learn it tomorrow.

Christine Blazey has definitely the best voice for the voiceovers in our apps. But we also appreciate her communication and online marketing skills. She is trained as a Montessori teacher but decided that the pace of working at Grappetite would suit her better.

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