Halaat-O-Meter winner South Asian mBillionth Award

In some places, such as Karachi, the security situation in the city is extremely unpredictable. We designed and developed Halaat-O-Meter, an online platform (mobile & web) that allows citizens to report on the security situation in their area during times of trouble. We launched the platform over a year ago and we are thrilled to announce that we have won the South Asian mBillionth Award!

Out of 8 countries, 11 categories, and 300 nominations, our Halaat-O-Meter was awarded the Billionth Award for its significant contribution to the inclusion of people through the mobile web. The crowdsourcing of security and safety information was considered to be a unique way of using mobile and web technology to make this world a safer place.

At Halaat-O-Meter, anyone can report on the situation in their area by adding their contribution to a map. This map is visible to anyone. We are currently working on improving the platform by adding a reputation system for users and experts reporting and advising on security trends.

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