Digital classroom for primary schools

For the Dutch educationalist Simone de Groot we developed a digital classroom system which supports primary school teachers with their lessons and keeps track of the students and their results.

The rather unique teaching method of Simone de Groot has been implemented in the ‘Onderbouwd’ classroom system that is based on the seasons of the year and divided into topics that are at the top of mind for the Dutch children in a particular season. For each topic, Simone offers a teacher different lesson plans that can be downloaded from the classroom system. The results of the students can be evaluated by a teacher and are easily entered into the system. Students who stand out can be provided with extra lessons to challenge them, struggling students are supported through additional material in the classroom system.

The school management can easily keep track of the performance of the groups in their school and download progress reports to show the school’s performance to regulatory authorities. Student, group, and teacher details are downloaded from third-party systems such as the web-based online student tracking system Parnassus.

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