Building cross-platform apps for iPhone and Android

From your perspective as a marketeer or communications guy or girl it might sound a bit odd that you have to develop an app for each platform you want to serve. Your target group is using iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone and you simply to have an app for each platform.It sounds like a minor technical issue that just needs to be resolved very soon. And the good news is that there are some handy tools out there, such as MoSync, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, and Appcelerator.

Using these intermediate toolkits developers program an app once and distribute it to any platform you like. The downside of these toolkits is that the user experience, which is very important in mobile marketing, is often bad. Developers can not benefit from the latest features each platform offers. Apps have the tendency to be slow. Apps built with these intermediate toolkits often become one of those gray mass apps and you simply don’t want that.

OS independent mobile software development for us is only an option for basic apps and a quick way to enter the market with your app. If you want to go all the way and get the most out of the features each operation system offers building native apps for each platforms is the best way to go!

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