Are YOU an I or T person?

The new change in Grappetite ………."SCRUM"

So what is SCRUM And how is it even possible for just one system to not only help each of us in our own fields but to also help us learn and discover more? Read on to find out.

Our trainer Renze J. Klamer asked us a question: “what is the difference between a T-shaped I-shaped person?” Quite a few of us didn’t know what it was. Basically, a T-shaped person is a jack of all trades but a master of one<span>. An I-shaped person has a narrow but expert knowledge and skills in one specific area. How does this apply to Scrum? Let me explain…

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework designed to manage complex software development. This is what it does:

It takes action

It inspects and adapts accordingly

Most importantly, it eliminates waste

How does it work?

A Scrum Team consists of three roles: the product owner, the scrum master and the team.

1. Product Owner

The Product Owner helps define what needs to be built for a project and product and takes ownership of making sure it progresses. The product owner can be the client but is often a team member who takes on the role of the client to make sure things are going as planned. 

2. Team

The Scrum Master must protect the scrum process, which includes the team and product being created as well as making sure it flows as smoothly as possible and also keeps improving.

3. Scrum Master

The Team builds what is needed for the project or product and then gives a demo to the product owner of what they have built. On the basis of this meeting the product owner then decides what is needed to be built next.



Our thoughts on Scrum

“It’s solving a complex equation into a simpler form.” - Faraz

“It is a different way of managing projects as opposed to the traditional way.” - Noor

 “Scrum is a transparent, effective and motivating task management framework.” - Christine


Change isn’t easy and it takes time to adjust and get used to a new system like Scrum but once you start going and working on it, it really makes your life a whole lot easier and more fun. To read more on Scrum, visit the official website.

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