Apple’s Swift is going to make app development easier

Apple has introduced “Swift” as the official programming language to develop OS X and iOS apps at WWDC 2014. What's good about Swift?

The best thing about Swift for both us as developers and for our clients is that it makes developing apps for Apple platforms easier and it simplifies developing complicated apps.

Swift and the current Objective-C code can run side-by-side in the same app because they both use the same LLVM compiler and runtime implementation. Swift is excellent when it comes to speed, responsiveness, and parallel processing. It also supports “playgrounds”, an innovative feature that allows to experiment with code and see the results immediately, without building and running an app. It has also introduced advanced types not found in Objective-C, like options, tuples, generics, and closures.

Swift is already available to the developers of WWDC and will be available to the rest from Fall this year. You can explore more about Swift from The Swift Programming Language. Apple Inc., iBook

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